The charges from Homeworker24 for the service placement can be viewed here The costs of a service (e.g., a translation) will be directly discussed with the service provider.
You pay the premium membership fee to Homeworker24 via an application from the Swiss PostFinance.
The costs of a service (e.g., a translation) will be directly discussed with the service provider. Homeworker24 suggests the following:
- within Switzerland, you may pay via bank or post transfer
- if you live abroad, we suggest you set up a basic PayPal account to transfer money free of charge
To set up your account, go to: Tips for using PayPal:
- Open up an account for free
- Information about your credit card is not mandatory at registration and may be added at a later stage.
- You may transfer money to your PayPal account via credit card (card charges apply) or from a Swiss Bank account.
- By entering the email address of the recipient, who has to be registered at PayPal as well, you can transfer money free of charge.
You have to report the service to the social security (e.g. the SVA in Switzerland for AHV, etc.), unless the service provider works as a freelancer (according to the terms of the social security system). If the service provider waives social security contributions, keep a copy of the statement with the invoice receipt to present to the Swiss Compensation Office (SCO) upon demand. If the service provider does not waive social security contributions, you will have to give notice of his/her service. Ask your service provider for his/her social security number.
You will receive an email notification to your registered email address. To guarantee a good response time you can choose between receiving an SMS on you mobile phone or having your Skype online status visible.
Yes, we advise you to do that. Even though oral agreements are binding according to Swiss law, it is reasonable to have a written confirmation (such as an email or a fax) . In any case you will receive a summary of your conversation with the service requestor within an email.
- What is the exact extent, cost and deadline of the job/assignment?
- When do I get paid and how?
- Is the client familiar with the social security standards?
- Did you verify the identity of the potential contracting partner? Ask for a postal address and check it, e.g., on (Swiss yellow pages)
Yes, you do. The income from a freelance job is subject to tax declaration. Make a list of your gross income and expenses and add it to your tax declaration.
Your data on Homeworker24 is saved on a hosting platform in Switzerland and will not be passed on or sold to third parties. However, your contact details (name and email address) will be given to third parties to fulfill the service placement. Your service profile is made anonymous and can be viewed by other users of Homeworker24. Your identity is made anonymous until a client contacts you. Data may be exposed when transferred via email.
Secure your documents with a password. You may add your password to your document or zip-file and give it to your client over the phone.
If you pay by credit card (via PostFinance), the payment details will not be accessible nor will they be recorded by Homeworker24. The payment is carried out directly by PostFinance and they only transfer an encrypted confirmation and the type of payment (128 bit).
You can share documents using an online shared workspace such as Microsoft SharePoint. This service is not provided by Homeworker24. Swisscom for example offers products for Communication & Collaboration.
Homeworker24 is an internet application independent of your operating system (Windows, iOS, Android or Linux) and your system software. However, some special functions may not be displayed at an optimal level depending on the configuration. We have tested our pages on browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and recommend that you are using the latest browser versions.
The following browser settings are required for an efficient use of the Homeworker24 portal:
- Enable java script: The menu of the Homeworker24 portal functions with java script. If you are unable to see the menu, the java script may not have been enabled.
- Enable SSL-encryption (128-Bit): If required, please confirm the SSL-Encryption upon demand from PostFinance.
- Disable pop-up-blockers: Pop-up-blockers may prevent the display of the payment form and may interfere with the transaction.
- Enable cookies: Homeworker24 uses cookies to enable an efficient use of its portal. A cookie is a text file saved on your hard disk. If you decide to reject cookies, we are unable to guarantee the use of interactive content.
Make sure you that emails coming from Homeworker24 are not filtered by the spam filter of your provider, firewall or email software.